What do a sarcophagus, Secret Service agents and sand dunes have in common? Come listen and learn about a little known and surprisingly humorous American tale of desperation carried out by bumbling criminals. Eleven years after the death of President Lincoln a plot was hatched by the leaders of one of the nation’s largest counterfeiting rings to steal his body. In 1876, the bizarre tale unfolded and the events culminated on election night in November of that year when the counterfeiters went to Oak Ridge Cemetery, sawed the padlock off the iron door of Lincoln’s tomb and pried the marble lid off the sarcophagus.  North Carolina native Dr. Kevin L. Burke, a professor at Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina, and a volunteer at the Lincoln Tomb and at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, will be on hand to retell the tale with all its peculiar, gripping details. The event is free.

Stealing Lincoln’s body
Thu, Aug 1, 5:30pm
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
112 N. Sixth St.

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