Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Some say maybe; others aren't so sure.

We have a confession to make.

Illinois Times has been an office divided for the past several weeks. We know you’re all wondering what topic could possibly be polarizing enough to divide a newspaper that has been on the central Illinois scene for 40 years, so we’ll just tell you: The subject is hot dogs. Or, sandwiches, as some might say.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Some say maybe, others aren’t so sure.

The point is, after weeks of heated debates and cold shoulders, we knew it was time to cool off and put this question to rest. Last Thursday, staff writer Patrick Yeagle and calendar editor Nan Bulli visited the Illinois State Fair, the uniting spot for Illinoisans of all walks of life, in search of an answer to one of lifes’ most probing questions, “Is a hot dog a sandwich?”

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