click to enlarge Chickadee Sermon plays at Buzz Bomb under the Adams Street tent this Saturday night.
Chickadee Sermon plays at Buzz Bomb under the Adams Street tent this Saturday night.

As we work our way into the music of October and wind down the outdoor gigs, let's all be careful and safe as we enjoy the cool tunes in the crisp air of autumn, unless by the time you read this we've had a genuine fall heat wave, which looks very possible by weekend forecasts.

Either way, the music keeps rolling in, as long as we can make it happen. After the lockdown, as local bars could book acts in already established outdoor spaces or even in parking lots converted into live music venues, most of the "house concert" spots that I'm aware of locally and across the country were forced to close up shop. Few venues could be more COVID-19 friendly than a living room full of avid music fans listening to live music performed from only a few feet away. Indeed, the main attraction of a good house concert is the intimacy of the performance and the ability to actually interact directly with the artist before, during and after the show. And with the need of traveling musicians to book a string of dates to make a tour work, at whatever size and level, those independent performing songwriters who make a modest living from playing house concerts, libraries, coffeehouses and other such venues where you can do original music, be appreciated and get paid, are among the artists most touched by the commercial effects of the pandemic.

With that, I am happy to report the good folks out at the Paris-Belle house concerts in Williamsville set up a backyard, outdoor event scheduled for this Friday, featuring Sam Robbins, a Nashville-based guy who describes himself as an "old soul singer songwriter" reminiscent of James Taylor or John Denver. Longtime supporters of nationally touring independent musicians, our concert hosts, like so many others, had to put their 2020 bookings on hold due to pandemic concerns, but they're going above and beyond and even out of doors in presenting this talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Sam hails from New England and attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, receiving the Pat Pattison Songwriting Award scholarship along the way. He appeared on NBC's "The Voice," relocated to Nashville in 2019 and promptly became the audience winner of a Nashville Rising Song qualifier event in September 2019. Sam is expecting to release his debut album in early 2021, so here's your chance to experience him now before he moves into the big time. All proceeds of the house (yard) concert go directly to the artist and you can reserve a seat (lawn chair) by emailing Plan on getting there about 5:30 to enjoy light refreshments (bring along something to share if you'd like) and friendly company before the concert starts at 6:30.

On Friday evening, look out, 'cause here comes the Damned Torpedoes hitting the Curve Inn as a tribute show to the late, great Tom Petty. You might recognize band members from other local groups as the DTs run through TP and the Heartbreakers hits (and deep cuts too) commemorating what would have been Tom's 70th birthday upcoming on Oct. 20.

Saturday night brings us the sweet treat of Chickadee Sermon flying into Buzz Bomb's Adam Street tent with Town to Town in tow, a new CD recorded in 2019 at Perennial Sound Studio in C/U by Ryan Groff. Stay tuned for comedy music sketches by Kyle C. Tasch during set breaks, plus Kyle is sporting his seven-song recording called Fries at the Bottom of the Bag for sale.

Onward into the music we go, safe and sound, please

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