This was sent in by Dubois Elementary teacher Timothy Niemeyer.  His fifth graders took a one-week poetry study and he wanted to present one of exceptional note by Tyann P.


There was a simple flame
surrounded by the Pacific Ocean
Yet it's getting more intense
for the waves are now in motion
They are getting closer by the inches
and there is not one doubt
That sooner or later the flame must go out

So now we know that the ocean isn't the safest place
And if you plan to get away, you'd better run at a good pace
Now the waves are getting calm rocking along the shore
But don't go away there's lots, lots more

Mt. Helens erupts with great, great power
Destroying things minute by minute hour by hour
Tears shed down the islander's face
For their homes have been destroyed
and they don't feel much grace

As the islanders leave to find new land
the waves crash and swift onto the scratchy sand

The islanders found a land in Hawaii
Then they looked up and saw it was cloudy
They built some huts but needed lots of helpers
They went inside to protect themselves and used them as shelters
But before the storm came and caused devastation
The islanders moved far away to another nation

Several years later the islanders passed away
But the souls and spirits were still to stay
In a few centuries this process will happen again
But this message is to be passed on and sent
Son now we know if you feel intense
All of this writing should make much sense.

Copyright 2009 Tyann P.

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