Contemporary art gallery DEMO Project will host an opening reception Friday, Aug. 15, for the exhibit Communal Paradox by Illinois artist Lauren Turk. “These installation environments tell the story of a journey through communal paradoxes; craving and contentment, lack and overabundance, sorrow and jubilation,” says Turk. She also discusses a specific work that will be included in the exhibition that further probes shared experiences: “The theme of mending is one I experimented with in Diastema. A diastema is a term used in dentistry to describe the space between two teeth. These uncomfortable in-between times are often the most changing.” Turk’s work will be on display through Sept. 6. See it on Saturday afternoons from 1-4 p.m. or by appointment.

Communal Paradox 0pening reception
Friday, Aug. 15, 6-8:30pm
DEMO Project
732 N. Fourth St.

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