insectappreciation poem #5

here at the cottage we don’t use the
bathtub the primitive septic system
couldn’t take it anyway there’s the
lake but the faucet drips and little
drips add up so we keep the plug in
after a few days there’s a couple
inches stop reading if you don’t
like grossness spiders and bugs
fall in drown pale daddy-long-legs
splayed in unnatural poses on the
bottom occasionally I bail dump the
water on the hill a winged beetle long
as my thumb was swimming this
dawn I ignored it but when it was
still swimming five hours later I
thought such dogged perseverance
should be rewarded cupped my
hands under it lifted it out it pinched
me hard did I drop it back in once I
managed to shake it loose leave it to
its watery fate ungrateful wretch no
I got a paper towel took it outside
let it go I don’t hold grudges

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