Illinois Times Miniature Butter Cow Contest

The Illinois State Fair is back this year, but even though the real butter cow will be on display, we’re bringing back the miniature butter cow contest by popular demand. We’re asking IT readers to get creative and create a butter cow. Top readers' picks may be put on display next to the actual butter cow at the State Fair. Create a butter cow (preferably using Prairie Farms butter), take a photo and select the "enter your own" image below to upload. Be creative. Points are given for style, design and creativity. There are two entry categories: 17 years old and younger and over 18 years. Be sure to not eat your entry or bake a cake with it. Freeze your cow to allow us to photograph you with it later if needed and also for the display at the Illinois State Fair. The entry deadline is July 30. After that, public voting begins to determine the top three entries. Two winners in each age division will receive $50 cash and $50 each in Prairie Farms coupons, and 200 voters will be randomly selected to receive coupon books from Prairie Farms. Enter at