You’ve done your spring cleaning and decluttered your home and garage. What do you do now with unwanted items if you don’t want to put them in the trash?

The City of Springfield offers free drop-off services for certain types of hard-to-dispose-of items for residents who live within the corporate city limits. These programs are funded through the waste and recycling fee that is collected through your monthly CWLP bill.

The City’s next household hazardous waste collection event is Saturday, May 11, at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. Residents will need a voucher from the City of Springfield’s Office of Public Works. For a complete list of acceptable items, call 217-789-2255 or email
Below is a guide of where you can dispose of your unwanted possessions.

Goodwill Stores
2001 Wabash Ave.

Goodwill accepts a variety of items, which must be in good condition. They do not take baby furniture, large appliances, mattresses and box springs or televisions. For a complete list, visit
Goodwill does accept used and broken computers and computer peripherals through a partnership with Dell Reconnect. On Saturday, April 20, Goodwill is holding a computer recycling event from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Proceeds raised from sales in retail stores and recycling e-waste helps fund a variety of programs including career development, youth mentoring and vocational rehabilitation.

BLH Computers
1832 Stevenson Dr.

BLH Computers, Inc. accepts a wide variety of electronics. For a complete list, go to The City of Springfield partners with BLH to offer its free electronic drop-off program. Residents can drop off up to three televisions and CRT (tube) monitors at no cost per calendar year. For those who do not live within Springfield city limits, BLH will recycle CRT monitors and televisions, flat-screen televisions, projection televisions and console televisions for a fee.

The company also accepts non-bathroom and non-appliance electronics and electronic-related items at no charge. However, BLH doesn’t accept small kitchen appliances, broken televisions or large appliances and suggests you call before dropping off items.

Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Center
1762 Wabash Ave.
229 N. 11th St.

Donations are usually down in the winter and pick up when people start their spring cleaning. People can bring in their donations or call 1-800-SATRUCK to arrange for pickup.
The Salvation Army accepts most items in good condition. For a complete list, visit Proceeds from the sale of items pays for individuals to complete the adult rehabilitation program.

Computer Banc
1545 N. 11th St.

Computer Banc accepts computers, laptops, monitors, printers, computer peripherals and other items. The organization doesn’t accept appliances, typewriters, auto stereo systems, non-cellular phones or residential televisions. For more information, visit

Donated items are refurbished or reused and the e-waste is recycled. Refurbished computers are provided to low-income families, disabled populations and other nonprofit organizations.

Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County ReStore
2744 S. Sixth St.

The ReStore accepts most items with the exception of electronics, mattresses and box springs, televisions and computers. Items must be in good condition. Under the lead law enacted in January 2014, the ReStore cannot take dishwashers, faucets or water heaters manufactured prior to 2014.  For a complete list, visit

The City partners with ReStore to offer its free large-item pickup program. Residents can call to schedule a pickup and can have a maximum of six large items picked up annually. For a list of items, visit

The proceeds from sales at the ReStore rare used to help fund construction of new Habitat houses within the local community.

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