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Hospital Job

A self-described “melodic indie/punk band,” Hospital Job also says to, “think Superdrag meets The Ramones trying to play Jesus and Mary Chain covers” as a good way to understand where they’re coming from musically. The quirky quartet consists of Luke McNeill (singer, songwriter, guitarist), Tim Reynolds (guitar, vocals), Cory VanMeter (bass) and Fred Malcom (drums). Each player comes already established in other well-known area groups, with McNeill in the Carbondale punk band The Copyrights, Reynolds in the Champaign band Horrible Things, VanMeter played in local ska band Don’t Mess With Winkie, and Malcom drums in local Husker-Du-core band The Nephrons. After nearly a year of making the central Illinois scene, Hospital Job recently released their first full-length recording, Downer Downer Downer through Insubordination Records on vinyl and CD. Plans include touring regionally and nationally in the coming year with the band’s only other goal “to drink the world dry of Bud Light Limes,” considered a worthy task, indeed.

Hospital Job
Vinyl and CD release
With Our Lady, Witch Feet, The Transatlantic
Saturday, Nov. 10, 7pm
Black Sheep Cafe

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