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PHOTO BY Amy Aiello

Calling Chicago home, this five-piece combo combines bits of rock, blues, funk, Americana and soul with voracious vocals, lyrical lyrics and groovy grooves to create a “sometimes playful, sometimes somber, but always rockin’ sound like nothing you’ve heard before.” The band began in October 2009 as a folk/acoustic trio called Snow on Sunday by core members Kristina Cottone, Kim Kozel and Chris Kuesk and evolved into a rock ’n’ roll band with the addition of bassist Sean Tatum and guitarist Jon Gould. Growing from jazz and blues roots, they branched into a new rock sound with a retro feel, getting called “The Sound of Chicago” in the process. With appearances at classic and historic venues throughout Chicago and St. Louis, a slot at Milwaukee’s famed Summerfest in 2013 and a highly anticipated EP set for a September 2013 release with a promotional tour right behind, Honey and the 45s are up and at ’em, coming your way and hitting the streets with a music and attitude ready to make a splash on a national level.

Honey and the 45s
Saturday, July 20, 9pm
Floyd’s Thirst Parlor

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