Enjoy an art exhibition and meet and greet with Hillary Werth, a skilled athlete turned talented contemporary artist. This is the first hometown art show for Werth, a 2005 graduate of Chatham Glenwood High School who excelled in sports, especially track and field where she earned the title of AA sectional champion. Hillary began competing in heptathalons during her junior year of high school, quickly ranking as one of the top two heptathletes in the country before going on to UCLA to pursue a degree in art history. When college ended, Hillary tried out for the US Women’s bobsled team at the suggestion of her older brother, Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth, landing a spot as a brakeman. Head injuries forced an early retirement in 2012, which lead to Hillary reinventing and establishing herself as St. Louis-based painter and sculptor. For more information about Hillary Werth, visit http://hillarywerthart.com.

The Art Work of Hillary Werth
Jan 15, 6-9pm Fri
Chatham Area Public Library
600 E. Spruce

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