May 16, 2005-Nov. 16, 2019

Holly Ann Lidy was a beautiful young lady inside and out. Her sparkly personality and quick wit would put a smile on your face every time. Holly would give 100% to every task she faced whether it was studying for a test, improving her volleyball spike or maneuvering her 4-H pig around the show ring. She never gave up and encouraged the people around her to do the same. Holly cared deeply for her family and friends. She enjoyed singing and dancing with her sister, wrestling and joking with her brother, baking with her mom, doing farm chores with her dad and playing ball with her two dogs, Butch and Jack. You could also find Holly texting her many friends and making Tik Tok videos with them. Holly was active in softball, basketball and volleyball, which she played year-round. One of her favorite times of the year was the Fayette County Fair. Holly loved getting her animals ready to show and attending the many events that were held in the Grand Stand. This past summer, Holly enjoyed going for Jeep rides and was anticipating the day when she would have her license and could drive around with her friends. Submitted by her mother, Anita Lidy

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