click to enlarge The Deep Hollow live streams their annual Happy Hollowdays concert, Thursday, Dec. 7 from 7:30-9 p.m.
The Deep Hollow live streams their annual Happy Hollowdays concert, Thursday, Dec. 7 from 7:30-9 p.m.

Since the now playing aspect of this Now Playing column generally revolves around live music, and as our in-person live music is on hold for a time, how about we continue to pursue our never-ending quest for the good stuff in the forms now available at this time in our current world situation. In other words, let's go wherever the music takes us, and for now that would be into the online world of livestreaming.

It would hardly be the holidays in Springfield without The Deep Hollow tradition of their Happy Hollowdays concert, and lo and behold, in the marvelous makings of a Christmas miracle, it's going to happen. Of course, nothing can be normal in 2020, so this edition of the popular gathering, usually held upstairs at Arlington's, is going to be online via Facebook Live. If you want to join in real time and participate in the lively comment section, the gig goes from 7:30-9 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 17. Now that's tonight, for you snappy IT readers who pick up the paper the day it comes out, but if you're reading this later, never fear, the Facebook Live events usually remain available to view long after their initial showing. I'm not sure how TDH is handling this, so if you miss the Thursday date, just check on FB to see if the concert is still up. My money says it's hanging around for a while.

And speaking of money, the show is free to watch, but please send some seasonal gifts in the monetary way – you know, the kind that always fits, is the correct color and never goes out of style – to these extremely talented, hard-working folks, who are singers, songwriters, musicians, entertainers and good people that haven't had a live gig in quite some time. The virtual tips are generally done through PayPal or Venmo, but other platforms are sometimes used as well. I know some patrons of the arts who even write on these little pieces of paper called checks and use a thing called the post office to send rewards of currency through the U.S. mail to express their enthusiasm for a music show. And while we're here, why not send any musician doing a livestream a gift of the green, if you can? Believe me, it will be appreciated. Just try to think of it as spending some of that money you've saved by not going out to bars, concerts and festivals over this past year.

On Saturday, get ready for another Hickory Ridge Concerts virtual version as magical musician Chris Vallillo again conjures up another top-notch, grade A, lifelong performer when singer, songwriter, folklorist and musicologist Lee Murdock streams live for us on YouTube and Facebook. Lee is quite well known in the Chicago area and around the Midwest for his presentations of Great Lakes-based traditional and original folk songs. Those familiar with a past community organization known as the Prairie Grapevine Folklore Society might remember Mr. Murdock as a regular performer. One of his best-known songs, The Christmas Ship, tells the tale of a real schooner that brought Christmas trees into Chicago every December in the early part of the 20th century. You better believe Lee will be playing that song, along with a few other seasonal tunes, while joined by his pal Chris, to make for a very merry, holiday show.

Donate what you can, enjoy when you will and be thankful for what we have now for our music performances. Keep up the ha-ha-has for more fun during the ho-ho-ho season.

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