Hitler posting draws judicial attention

Judges considering Timoney's future

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, Tim Timoney, a Springfield lawyer who runs a west side tavern, posted a doctored photo of Gov. JB Pritzker on his Facebook page that included a toothbrush mustache, a Hitler-style haircut and a reference to “der Fuhrer.”

Within a day, judges in the 11th Judicial Circuit, where Timoney is employed as a Logan County public defender, had noticed.

“It’s not being ignored,” said McLean County Circuit Court Judge Mark Fellheimer, who is the 11th Circuit’s chief judge. “We’re going to work our way through it to see what happens.”

Like Pritzker, Fellheimer is Jewish. All 11 circuit judges in the 11th Circuit, Fellheimer said, have been made aware of Timoney’s posting. Timoney serves at the pleasure of circuit judges. Fellheimer said that no one judge makes decisions about who is employed as a public defender. He said that he expects it will be about two weeks before judges decide what, if anything, to do about the Hitler post.

Timoney, who owns The Corner Pub and Grill, has been outspoken on gubernatorial orders to close bars and restaurants. In addition to his Hitler posting, Timoney has posted a photograph, allegedly showing the governor’s daughter at a restaurant, taken from a conservative news site tied to hundreds of websites around the nation that have been dubbed “pink slime” for masquerading as legitimate news outlets while being funded by partisan causes. Pritzker has labeled the picture a lie, saying that his daughter isn’t in the photograph. Timoney also has reposted a $1,000 offer, made by an attorney who represents business owners who’ve sued the state, to any journalist who photographs the governor or his family outside their home celebrating Thanksgiving. The governor has denounced the offer as a bounty that encourages strangers to harass his wife and children.

Timoney has turned his Facebook settings to private. He has not responded to an interview request sent Nov. 18.

Last year, when Timoney unsuccessfully sought appointment to an associate judgeship in Sangamon County, the State Journal-Register reported that he’d made a series of questionable Facebook posts, including “I guess that punk learned his lesson” along with a story about a teenaged carjacker being fatally shot and “Sounds more like animals let out of their cages” attached to a news report about people being attacked on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. Timoney told the newspaper that he’s entitled to his opinions and that his online postings wouldn’t affect his abilities as a judge.

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