No loyal son or daughter of Illinois can ignore this pleas from Tara Winter, the Director of Development for the Illinois State Historical Society.

The Illinois State Historical Society (ISHS) was founded in 1899.  Our mission is to foster awareness, understanding, research, preservation, and recognition of history in Illinois.

In order to meet our mission and provide services in our communities, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support.We receive no state of federal funds. 


 This year alone ISHS has:

    • Awarded over $29,000.00 in scholarships to students researching, writing and publishing about Illinois history. 
    • Researched, restored and/or erected 7 historical markers in Springfield, Earlville, Peoria and DeKalb.
    • Co-hosted a Lunch and Learn series that focused on Illinois history at the University of Illinois at Springfield.
    • Published 5 scholarly journals and magazines that feature Illinois history.
    • Worked with the Boy Scouts of America to help scouts earn to get their American Heritage merit badge.              

Without the assistance of community-minded individuals just like you, we wouldn't be able to provide these necessary programs that educate, promote, and encourage the study of Illinois history. We ask you to consider a gift. A gift of any size is helpful. We have provided a donation button for your convenience. We hope that you will help support our efforts.


Click the donate button above to give now or send in a donation to the address below. 


Do it. You'll feel better. 

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