His knowledge took his class to places they’d never been

KENNETH ROBERT FOLKS Dec. 25, 1951-June 5, 2013

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Ken Folks is missed by me, his coworker, and all the lives he touched in his classroom at Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries. He was the kind of guy that you only had to meet once, and from then on you were friends forever. It was like you’d known him for years. Ken was a classroom instructor for developmentally disabled adults. Ken taught daily living, vocational skills and much more, giving sacrificially even when he wasn’t feeling well himself. He brought in crafts, books, DVDs, materials and his knowledge, and took the class to places they’d never been with his humor and many stories and knowledge of so many subjects. He introduced the class to many forms of art and music and took the class from celebrating Elvis’ birthday to Cinco de Mayo. They also learned about vitamins and cooking pizza on a stick. Everyone loved him so. We miss him so much. But not a day goes by that he isn’t in our class, through remembering his jokes or using the many items he donated to the class. We still do morning exercise “Ken’s way,” with certain gestures and commands. He was a very giving man, who used his skills and talents to help enhance and enlighten many lives, always putting others first. Thank you, Ken, for being the best classroom instructor, co-worker, and best friend I could have. Your impression on our lives is permanent. As Ken would say, “Viola!” –Kathy Curry

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