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Hillbilly Casino

Wild, wooly, raucous and racy, these guys come on with a bang and stay lit all night. Well-known up and down and all around, plus parts beyond for the music, the show, the attitude, the tattoos, the sound, the look and their do-it-yourself ways, Hillbilly Casino is a force to be reckoned with on the live music scene. Started as a revved up rockabilly band led by Nic Roulette (from Indiana’s The Blue Moon Boys) after he relocated to Nashville, Tenn. in 2004, the group now plays some 200 dates annually, sells CDs and merch like mad and holds a blistering reputation cemented by live shows of incredible intensity. Joined by bassist Geoff Firebaugh (BR5-49), guitarist Ronnie Crutcher (Tabasko Kat, Brian Setzer’s Nashvillains) and drummer Andrew Dickson (Brian Setzer’s Nashvillains), Roulette and the guys proudly lead a life of the independent band, self-producing and releasing records, booking tours and driving the van, all for the glory of the music and the show.

Hillbilly Casino
Friday, March 8, 10pm
Bar None

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