Originally from Munich, Germany, Mark Stoffel spent decades traversing between there and the U.S. before finally settling down in southern Illinois in 2001 and becoming a citizen in 2016. A self-described bluegrass music addict, he was introduced to the music genre as a teenager in 1979, when he wanted a ukulele for Christmas and was mistakenly given a mandolin instead. Mark turned that flub into a lifelong artistic pursuit. Long known as an exceptional studio musician, Mark has lent his talents to countless recordings. He also just released his second solo album, "Coffee and Cake," an all-instrumental collection showcasing both his graceful, sophisticated playing and his equally distinctive compositional flair. Mark will perform with Nate Graham, who will be on guitar and bass, during a livestream on the Hickory Ridge Concerts Facebook page and the Chris Vallillo YouTube channel. The Hickory Ridge Concert Series is supported in part by grants from the Two Rivers Arts Council and the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

Mark Stoffel
Saturday, Nov. 21, 7 p.m.
Hickory Ridge Concerts Facebook page
Chris Vallillo YouTube channel

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