Helping small businesses like yours

The coronavirus has hit small businesses hard, but SCORE's mentors can help during this difficult time. SCORE is a national network of volunteer, expert business mentors that has been providing resources to business owners since 1964. As a nonprofit organization, it receives support from the U. S. Small Business Administration and relies on the expertise of its volunteers. In turn, SCORE is able to offer small business owners many education opportunities, mentoring and resources free or at low cost. The webinars and on-demand courses cover topics such as financial assistance and funding, pivoting operations, marketing, HR and preparing for the future. The real-time mentoring platform is an online environment where you can connect live with SCORE mentors and other business owners facing similar challenges in today's small business environment.

Real time mentoring
Tuesdays and Thursdays
1-4 p.m.
SCORE (online)
224 N. Fairview Ave. Decatur

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