Join the Junior League of Springfield's (JLS) Sanga-Run 45-mile challenge to help support their mission of addressing food insecurity in the Springfield community. The JLS, a 75-year-old local service organization, adopted an issue-based community impact model in 2014 in order to strengthen the skills of members and create more community impact. Since establishing food insecurity as the focus of that model, JLS has committed over 200 hours of service toward the issue. The virtual 45-mile challenge encourages you to walk or run at least 1½ miles each day for the entire month of October – essentially traveling the distance across Sangamon County. A drive-thru event is tentatively planned for packet and swag pickup, so check their Facebook page or website for more details and up-to-date information. Registration ends Sept. 25.

Sanga-Run 45-mile challenge
Oct. 1-31
Hosted by the Junior League of Springfield

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