On Saturday, September 8, show your support for Prevent Child Abuse Illinois by attending the first-ever Downtown Springfield Family FunFest. The outdoor festival is specifically geared towards children and their families, and features inflatable obstacle courses and bounce houses, games, activities, food trucks, special character appearances, and a main stage packed with a full day of entertainment, including music, zoo animals, dance teams and more. Admission to the Downtown Springfield Family FunFest costs just $10 per person and is free to ages 2 and under. All proceeds from this event will support Prevent Child Abuse Illinois and their statewide efforts to prevent to all forms of child abuse such as shaken baby syndrome, domestic violence, trauma recovery, sexual abuse and more. More information about the Downtown Springfield Family Fun Fest can be found online at http://springfieldfunfest.org or by calling 522-1129.

Downtown Springfield Family FunFest
Saturday, Sept. 8
Washington street between Fifth and Sixth streets
1 Old Capitol Plaza N
$10 per person;
free to ages 2 and under

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