A better moniker could not be invented to match this pair of longtime friends, for these two pals and music makers, Keith Dunlap and Kevin Smith, are indeed some guilty boys. We can proudly say they are extremely guilty of playing good tunes well and being a wonderful act to enjoy, whatever the setting. Along with professional musicianship and well-done vocals, the two crazy guys bring along decades worth of songs for a wide-ranging set list, including, but not limited to, Americana, country, rock and pop. Also included is an extra dose of what they call "whatever" to describe the performance factor of these two entertainers, no matter how innocent of "whatever" they claim to be. Any witness to more than one show by the GBs knows they are constantly adding new songs to the extensive list and also aren't shy about taking requests. You can come judge them for yourself this weekend or at one of their several upcoming gigs over the next few months.

Guilty Boys
Sunday, Aug. 9, 4-7 p.m.
Springfield Elks Lodge #158

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