University of Illinois Extension will host Roots to Rooftop Tour: Community Gardens, Urban Agriculture and a Rooftop Garden on Sunday, July 27. Extension educator Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant says that “each site will have a knowledgeable host who can talk about a number of topics, including different types of gardening, composting, beekeeping, permaculture, and more.” Sites include genHkids gardens at Douglas School and Seeds of Possibility Community Garden at Cook Street, Illinois Department of Agriculture Community Garden, Illinois Executive Mansion, Jefferson Park Community Garden, Maldaner’s Rooftop Garden, The Neighborhood Gardens and The Neighborhood Gardens Too, Prairie City Farm, Springfield Community Federation Garden of Eaten, Springfield Community Garden Family Fit Center, Springfield Urban League 11th Street Community Garden and University of Illinois Extension 4-H – Unity of Faith Part I and II Gardens. Info will be found at each location, on the extension website or at the governor’s mansion where Slow Food Springfield will provide complimentary refreshments.

Roots to Rooftop Tour
Sunday, July 27, 1-4pm
Illinois Executive Mansion
410 E. Jackson

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