Pot prices are, so to speak, sky high, with folks spending hours in line to procure marijuana. Some shops shut down less than a week after weed for the masses turned legal, saying there's either a shortage or staff can't handle all the overtime. Even before tallying $10 million in sales during the first week, the state declared victory on New Year's Day. "As we start a new decade, Illinois has achieved a monumental milestone – launching the legalization of cannabis in a way that includes communities left behind for far too long, creates good jobs and expunges thousands of records for those who have lost out on opportunities and ends prohibition," declared former state Sen. Toi Hutchinson, D-Opportunity, who shot from lawmaker pay to $220,000 a year as the gov's pot czar after pushing legalization through the General Assembly. Eventually, if all goes well, new growers will be licensed to compete with established operators. We're hoping for some Illinois-centric strains, say, Bedell Bud if you're looking for energy and focus. Back in the day, Cheech and Chong loved Thai stick, so why not Toi Schtick? Purple Pritzker? Sounds better than Groovy Gov. And who could argue with JackInTheBud to honor the fellow who's gone from state regulator of medical weed to Sangamon County sheriff and staunch opponent of recreational pot?

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