Gracia Harrison
Gracia Harrison
Gracia Harrison vaulted to national prominence with her astounding appearance on the third season of “The Voice.” Although she didn’t win it all, her relationship with Blake Shelton and the ensuing publicity ensured her a way to continue with a career in music. Long before her “The Voice” performance, Gracia had dedicated her life to singing songs. At age 17, she won a national contest singing Miley Cyrus covers, and her reward took her to meet Miley on Jimmy Fallon’s TV show. Gracia took her place on “The Voice” by yodeling a version of “I Want to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart,” and she also plays the fiddle – two special talents more akin to classic country than her latest single, “Jezebel,” might attest. But that just goes to show the range and depth of this talented singer from Virden who continues to share her abilities on stages in central Illinois and around the country. She’ll be in Wood River on Thursday and Pittsfield on Friday before the dates listed above, then takes off later in September for Kansas and Missouri. Catch her while you can!

Gracia Harrison
Saturday, Sept. 2, 5pm
Obed & Isaac’s SOB AfterGlow Party
Sunday, Sept. 3, 2pm
Hand of Fate Brewing Company

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