With a carefree and can-do motto of “music frees your mind and boogies your soul” this spirited, six-piece combo makes a debut performance at the Hut on Friday. Nate Cozadd (guitar, vocals) and Casey Cantrall (guitar, vocals), the songwriting, driving force behind the band, have played together as friends and pickers for over ten years. They are aptly joined by excellent musicians and highly creative artists on their selected instruments, Craig Ripka (drums), Zach Eymann (harmonica), Payden Hager (bass) and Cory Sanson (keys, synth) to make Governor Street a jam band force on the Springfield scene. Listeners have described the group’s music as “phishy-dead topped with a funky blues vibe with a dash of pop” and the band says it’s a “community of down to earth people who genuinely love music and want to share it.” They pull off the combination with a batch of catchy, jamming originals that lyrically search for enlightenment and explore potential, while backed by forceful and friendly jams, righteous riffs and an insatiable desire to make music matter.

Governor Street
Friday, Sept. 18, 10pm
Butternut Hut

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