Gordon Productions brings another fine musical comedy to the Hoogland Center for the Arts for six performances. Set in a North Carolina church in 1938, the Sanders Family Singers will have you clapping, singing, laughing and cheering with their stories and traditional and bluegrass gospel music. Local talent includes: Tara Cowan, Kelsi Frost, Sherry Frachey, Bobby Herpel, Dan McLaughlin, Tom Myers, Kayla Primm and Donn Stephens. Don Russell directs. A buffet luncheon is offered at 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 4 for $16. Reservations are required for the meal.

Smoke on the Mountain
Friday and Saturday, Aug. 26-27, Sept. 2-3, 8pm
Sunday, Aug. 28 and
Sept. 4, 2pm
Hoogland Center for
the Arts Theatre 3

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