the words for the weekly space in this
publication are being written after the
days of the DNC they'll be printed with
RNC in session I have modified my
distrust of modern technology by
seeing how it was able to convey
humanity here is just one striking
example – a ploy, sure, but a good
ploy a true one like john lewis's good
trouble – trouble we should all be
engaged in – and it has to be honest
for any untruth can be revealed with
rapidity – it was just before biden's
acceptance when he might give reason
by missed word or blurred phrase to the
opposition's claim of age or alzheimers
it was the kid the vp befriended at a point
in his past, admitted he too was a stutterer
how to work on the disability how to face
others – that earlier talk gave this young man
strength to stand before a world audience tell
his story push his words through his handicap
what incredible bravery what a huge throng
has been moved by his courage – and after him?
biden spoke simply sincerely with scarcely a flaw

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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