Leave it to the librarians to find ways to keep us informed, entertained and engaged during a pandemic. When they had to close their doors to their patrons, they did not skip a beat and immediately began to offer ways to help us continue to discover our world, connect with others and get inspired. While some libraries have begun to open some in-house services to their patrons, they still have online activities planned throughout the summer months. On offer are summer reading clubs for all ages, story times for children and baby lapsits, workshops for teachers, family crafting events and history and genealogy workshops. The events are offered on a number of platforms such as Zoom, YouTube and Facebook, and since they are libraries, they probably already have on hand the step-by-step instructions you need to connect to the events. Use your favorite search engine to find the website of your district's library, start clicking and check it out.

Check out public libraries online

Auburn Public Library, Chatham Area Public Library, Divernon Township Library, Lincoln Library (Springfield), Pawnee Public Library, Petersburg Public Library, Prairie Skies Public Library (Pleasant Plains), Riverton Village Library, Rochester Public Library, Sherman Public Library, Tri-City Library (Buffalo), West Sangamon Public Library (New Berlin)

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