Give me your energetic, your trained . . . .

 A new report from the Pew Research Center provides confirmation that immigration in the U.S. is not quite as simple as some political candidates would have voters believe.

Among their findings: There are two great immigrant streams -- the largely unskilled or underskilled that so obsesses Republican candidates like Donald Trump, and the educated professional and semi-professional. The first group is less educated than people born in the U.S. -- at least at first -- but the latter group is on average better educated.

The latter group is seldom talked about outside corporate HR suites. In 2006 nearly 2 of every 5 college graduates entering the Illinois labor force were foreign-born, according to a study by consultants Rob Paral and Associates. Remember that big companies look to the quality of labor as probably the biggest single factor with transportation when making location decisions, and imagine all those foreign-borns were no longer part of it.

Pew suggests that education levels are rising in part because more immigrants these days are Asian or members of the rising college-trained Mexican middle class. The actual face of immigration is a place like Springfield, therefore, is not only those of the bus boys at local taquerias, but the staffs of local hospitals and universities and engineering firms.

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the Memorial Medical Center’s physician roster. These are among just the “A’s:” Tamer Abdelhak, Leslie Acakpo-Satchivi,  Akindele A. Adaramola, Bhavani Adusumilli, Edem S. Agamah, Vikas Aggarwal, Melissa M. Agoudemos, Aqeel Ahmad, Faraz Ahmad, Shaheen Riadh Alanee, Ashraf Al-Dadah, Mohamad N. Alhosaini and Hamid Al-Johany. 

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