In the midst of a COVID-19 White House outbreak, the president downplayed the seriousness of the virus. From social media, on Oct. 6, he claimed the new coronavirus is "far less lethal" than the flu "in most populations." Facebook removed the post, due to its misinformation policy, and medical experts chided the comment. On Oct. 5, Springfield and Sangamon County health experts backed a release stating, "As flu season approaches, taking precautions to prevent illness is more important than ever." Leaders from health organizations encouraged the public not to avoid or delay getting flu shots. "This year, more than ever, we should all be aware of what we can do to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like influenza and COVID-19," Dr. Raj Govindaiah, chief medical officer of Memorial Health System, said in the release. "This year everyone should get a flu shot, continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance and stay home if you are sick." Flu season in the U.S. begins this month. As one option, Memorial is offering flu shots car-side, to established patients, at the Illinois State Fairgrounds on Oct. 24 and Nov. 14. More info is at:

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