This young woman, who won seven state fiddle championship titles (Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota), five state twin fiddle champion titles (Minnesota and Colorado) and is the 2016 National Twin Fiddle Champion, now comes to play for you. Georgia Rae often performs in the “family band” with her sister and others, but this performance showcases her newfound adventures with a loop pedal. The “looper” allows her to record a sound, then when it’s played back, to play live over the recorded music (or record another loop sound) until there’s a one-man band, or in this case, a one-woman band. She hails from Richmond, Wisconsin, just north of the Illinois border and west of Milwaukee, and has travelled all over the Midwest playing festivals, contests and shows. You’ll enjoy her energy and creativity where traditional old-time playing creates a base for jazz inflections, modern folk and roots sounds, original songs, Americana and loop-da-loops galore, all performed with a sense of feeling fine about playing music for the good of all around.

Georgia Rae
Saturday, May 4, 5pm
Anvil & Forge Brewing and Distilling

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