In 1936, Harriet Knudson of Springfield helped create a sanctuary on the then-new Springfield Lake for plants native to Abe Lincoln’s home states of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. Today, that scenic 100-acre woodland known as the Lincoln Memorial Garden holds six miles of trails and footbridges that make it an inviting place to run. Next month, an expected 500 people will hit the trails for the Lincoln Memorial Garden 8K Trail Run and Children’s Fun Run. The newly created, chip-timed race takes runners over a 4.97-mile loop. Organizers expect about 300 runners in the trail run, with an anticipated 200 children doing the fun run around the garden’s pastoral pond. All proceeds from the $25 race fee and the $5 children’s run fee go to support Lincoln Memorial Garden. The race is planned for 8 a.m. May 18 at the garden, with parking at 2301 East Lake Shore Drive. For more information, contact Susan Helm at or 217-502-3992, or contact Lance Cull at or 217-652-5651. For more information on the garden, visit�

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