ever play mumblety-peg? me neither
boys played it at my grade school
with jack knives us girls peeped
through the bushes from the girls'
side (no we didn't mix, yes it was
a public school) well you hammer a
peg in the ground then go through
a series of moves the knife having to
land blade erect in the ground the
loser has to pull out the peg with his
teeth ("mumble the peg") okay,
ready? here are the moves: first,
flip from your palm, then flip from
the back of your hand, flip by a twist
of the fist, flip by a twist of the wrist
throw by holding blade tip between
thumb and fingers, flip from between
teeth, throw from each shoulder or
from behind each ear, toss backward
over head, throw around head from
the back. good luck! next: girls' side:
jump rope, jacks, peggy–move-up!

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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