With all the local foods movements going on, Illinois Times has decided to start a blog about gardening.

Over time people have become less knowledgeable about where their food comes from. However, it seems as though times are changing. With the rise of community gardens and urban agriculture, more people are returning to the age-old practice of growing their own food. 

This summer I will be working with Kumler Outreach Ministries in their community garden at the Springfield Art Association. Readers can follow me as I share stories and post pictures about the progress of the garden. If you’re involved with a community garden, have your own farm, or have a simple herb garden, let IT know. Beginner and veteran gardeners are welcome to tell us about your gardening experiences and what made you want to take your food From the Earth to The Kitchen. Send all information to Jacqueline Muhammad at intern@illinoistimes.com with the subject “gardening.”

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