freemartin poem

(written 1947 in a letter to a friend) 

found out what a freemartin is today
a heifer calf that's the twin of bull
twins are not common but when a bull
and heifer are born together the heifer
is a freemartin 9 out of 10 can't give milk
or calve – usually the farmer ships them
both though the bull might be ok this
condition might be caused by sharing
the same sac the vet can tell but if they
are born in the field it might be hard to
distinguish – the reason has something
to do with shared circulation; something
about the male glands in the bull affects
the heifer sometimes freemartins grow up
to give milk and calve; more often they
don't – I wonder if this is true of human
twins too; never heard of them being
shipped, there is probably some law

2022 Jacqueline Jackson

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