It has been a long winter, perhaps even more so for Springfield’s fans of independent, foreign and other ‘art house’ cinema. Outside of the ongoing noble efforts of the Springfield Art Association’s Molly Schlich Film Series - acclaimed Japanese drama I Wish screens this Sunday and Tuesday - AMC’s always minimal booking of non-blockbuster titles has been especially threadbare of late ( with rare exceptions such as Dustin Hoffman's acclaimed Quartet, now playing at Parkway Point). Even the Oscar-feted Amour has failed to show up here, no big shock considering that the highly commercial Silver Linings Playbook was totally absent until after receiving multiple nominations.

So maybe the Springfield art-house film scene isn’t so bad, at least for hyper-vigilant theatergoers with empty schedules. Others are forced to occasionally take to the open road in order to seek alternative cinematic options. One of the most reliable venues for such fare is Champaign’s Art Theater Co-Op, which will be playing host to “The Fullness of the World, ” its own self-styled festival of recent, overlooked foreign films, starting tomorrow through Thursday 3/14. Check out trailers and showtimes for their selections:

Holy Motors (France) : Friday 9:30 PM, Wednesday, 10 PM 

A Royal Affair (Denmark) Friday & Wednesday at 4 PM, Thursday at 4 PM and & 7 PM

In Another Country (South Korea) Monday & Tuesday at 7PM

Sister (Switzerland) Friday & Wednesday at 7 PM

The Art Theater Co-Op is located at 126 W Church St, Champaign, IL 61820, telephone: (217) 355-0068

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