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Three simple exercises can launch you on a life of health and vitality. Here's a prescription: Begin each day with The Triplet.

click to enlarge 1: A Plank - ILLUSTRATION BY CAROL WEEMS
Illustration by Carol Weems
1: A Plank

Looking for a way to kick-start an exercise habit? The Triplet is a simple but effective routine you can master through daily practice.

click to enlarge 2: The Get-up - ILLUSTRATION BY CAROL WEEMS
Illustration by Carol Weems
2: The Get-up

Starting an exercise program can be overwhelming. There are so many options, but beginning your day with The Triplet is the perfect way to start moving. These three movements will challenge you mentally and physically. You will appreciate improvements in the way you feel, move and think.

The Triplet is easily modified for those who have not been active for awhile or have physical limitations. The key to success is to do what you can in the beginning. Once you have built up your strength and endurance, doing The Triplet should only take 10 minutes, or less, to complete. The best thing about The Triplet is, you do not need any special equipment.

1: Hold a Plank for two minutes.

You can achieve this by increasing a few seconds each day. This helps to strengthen your core, muscles in your abdomen, back, hips, shoulders and chest. Begin on the floor, push up with your arms, tuck your toes under to bring your body up into alignment. Arms are held straight, assuring the shoulders are directly over your hands/wrists. To modify, you may begin with forearms on the floor instead of the straight-arm plank.

click to enlarge 3: Balance - ILLUSTRATION BY CAROL WEEMS
Illustration by Carol Weems
3: Balance

2: Transition to the Get-up.

Getting up off the floor is vital for everyone. Doing the Get-up improves functioning of your hips and knees. Push up with your arms as you circle your right leg around to the floor in front of you, landing it with authority in front of you, while simultaneously pushing off of the back left leg to stand straight up. Do the same with your left leg for a total of 10 Get-ups alternating with each leg.

3: Balance by standing on each foot for 30 seconds.

No tapping down. Working on balance improves posture, makes movement easier and helps to prevent injury.

Joni Colle
Joni Colle

Joni Colle has over 37 years experience in health care as a registered nurse and respiratory therapist, helping others to make every breath count. She is an active participant at CrossFit Instinct in both the Longevity class and its community garden.

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