If there's one constant at city hall, it's cage fights, jello wrestling, mud slinging – call it what you will – inside city council chambers, and this week proved no exception as Ward 6 Ald. Kristin "Terminator" DiCenso went up against Ward 7 Ald. Joe "Master of Disaster" McMenamin for the championship belt in a contest not worth winning. DiCenso – boom! – kicked things off by making things crystal clear: "Two weeks ago, someone up here insinuated I was a liar about something." McMenamin – bam! – was ready: "I'm glad you brought this up." So began a dispute over whether DiCenso had called community relations director Juan Huerta a liar, who says no one called him a liar, during a prior meeting when there was an issue about a city employee moonlighting at the city warming center. "You called him a liar," McMenamin said. "I said we need to hear the truth – those were my words, I've listened to it (a recording) 50 times," countered DiCenso. Take that! Previously, McMenamin had questioned a license for Moto Mart on South Grand Avenue to sell booze until 1 a.m. That's in DiCenso's ward, and she wasn't happy. "I think you...need to consider the home alderman in these kinds of discussions," she said. McMenamin voted for allowing the license, but didn't cowe. "Anyone on the council should feel the liberty and safety to put something on (the debate agenda) if they want to," he said. Tune in next week for the next installment of As The City Council Turns.

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