The founding triumvirate of Flatland — Jerry Reno, Bill Dunlap and Gordy Cotter — began playing music together in grade school, shall we say, many years ago. The group, based in west central Illinois around White Hall in the Jacksonville area, formed as Flatland Band in 1980 and continues going strong nearly 30 years later. Through the decades the band stuck to the tried and true pop rock classics of the 60s and 70s covering the Beatles, Doobie Brothers and the Eagles with a few updated tunes by artists such as Tom Petty, Steve Earle and Poison dropped into the set list as the years rolled on. The group works with the trio as a core using supporting musicians from the area including Jeff Davidsmeyer from the New Goat Ensemble and Dave Leach of Shelter to supplement the entertaining mix of music and humor that audiences expect from a Flatland show.

Sat., Sept. 12, 6-9pm
Grape Stomp Festival, Ridgeview Winery, Mt. Sterling
Sun., Sept. 13, 3pm
St. Cabrini Fall Festival,
1020 S. Milton, Springfield

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