Finding your nontraditional interfaith identity

No matter your profession or faith, in order to develop and sustain a collegial and productive work environment, it is important to understand your own faith-based beliefs, and to be aware and understanding of the faith-based beliefs of your peers in the field in which you work. Parth Bhansali, a Chicago-based first generation Indian-American and co-founder of the Movement of Students Achieving Interfaith Cooperation at Benedictine University, will present and examine interfaith challenges from a Hindu perspective. He will discuss the importance of interfaith work in non-faith-based professions and ways to empathize with and educate those who do not know much about different faiths. The workshop component of this event will explore the challenges of religious identity in the workplace. Participants will discuss interfaith scenarios in small groups, navigate issues of religious and professional identities, and expand their awareness of interfaith challenges. Part of the University of Illinois ECCE Speaker Series.

Beyond the Status Quo
Thursday, Jan. 30, 7 p.m.
UIS Student Union Ballroom
2251 Richard Wright Drive

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