Festival of films by and about women

Film fans, you don't want to miss this one. LUNAFEST, hosted by the Springfield Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), is an annual traveling festival that showcases seven short films written and directed by women and gender nonconforming filmmakers from all walks of life. The films, featuring themes of friendship, bravery and community, also break down barriers, according to LUNAFEST. The films in this year's festival have a total running time of about 90 minutes. Following a short break, the event will resume with a discussion with Emmy-Award winning filmmaker Samantha Sanders over Zoom. General admission is $35. Viewing age is 13 and older. Admission is free for students. Advance tickets can be purchased at aauwspringfieldil.com. Proceeds from the film festival will aid higher education opportunities for area women as well as the AAUW's national Greatest Needs Fund. The fund seeks to advance gender equity. LUNAFEST began in 2001 in California and has since screened the work of 175 filmmakers and raised more than $7 million for nonprofits.

Saturday, March 25
1 p.m.
University of Illinois Springfield
Brookens Auditorium
1 University Plaza, Springfield

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