click to enlarge Ready for Petty won't back down while playing the VFW #755 this Saturday.
Ready for Petty won't back down while playing the VFW #755 this Saturday.

As the weather cools and autumn falls upon us, the gigs are still coming in strong for a while longer. This weekend brings us some unusual collections of the usual caliber of finely formed music made right here in the capital city.

Thursday evening at 7, Buzz Bomb Brewing Company presents another edition of Sirens of Springfield, as hosted by your lovely and talented Jessica Cloyd. The idea here is to create an open mic forum that's for female performers only, but anyone of any gender is invited to attend as an audience member. The show entertains all styles of art, including — but not limited to — music, poetry and dance. As Jessica says, "It's whatever you'd like to perform," and she means it. Come on downtown and support those of the female persuasion, outside under the Adams Street tent in front of the brewery building.

Friday night delivers another selection of local music-makers, this one entitled a Fall Rock Showcase and comes to us via the Main Gate, under their all-encompassing, outside, tented stage area. Starting at 7, three groups are scheduled to perform including Jakt Up Acoustic, featuring popular poet and moving musician Vertrell Yates, plus the Chris Sorenson Project with guitar guy Chris S. making it his project to make that six-string sing and the newest, all-original, hard rock band in town, Dysfunctional Breed, headlining the concert. DB is pumping out the tunes and these prolific players already produced a debut CD scheduled for nationwide release in November. So get on down to party down and be down with it before you're done with it. This is most definitely a high-energy show and possibly getting higher all the time.

Saturday, sadly enough, does not give us any certain collection of music acts all appearing at the same venue, but Sunday sure does when the Blue Grouch presents its first annual GrouchFest. The event is set up as a showcase for folks that played during the Grouch's Sunday Music Series, an afternoon spot that featured solo acts, duos and other smaller groups not normally hitting the big outdoor stage. Our pal and exemplary guitarist, John Shepherd. provided sound (and a few guitar licks) while shepherding the acts through fields of fine music and will be there to keep things rolling along on Sunday starting at noon. Musical artists expected to perform include Jason McKenzie, Joel Honey, Wowie Zowie, The Tangents, Mandy Rose & Roger Carr, Jeff Young and the Bad Grandpas, After School Special, Gracia Harrison, Matt Mifflen and Kortney Leatherwood, plus John S. joining in too. You will have a fun day this Sunday if you stay to watch this lineup play away the day, okay?

Here are some random yet interesting and peculiar things happening this weekend one might enjoy. Would you be wanting to venture out to hear John Kennedy & the Multiple Shooters Friday at Buzz Bomb or Dr. Fauci & the Pandemics Saturday at the Main Gate? We have two Tom Petty tribute bands, both locally produced, playing separately this weekend when Ready for Petty won't back down at the VFW #755 on Old Jack this Saturday evening, while The Damned Torpedoes freefall into Danenberger Family Vineyards on Sunday afternoon. Mike Burnett & the After Suns make it a weekend crosstown tour with a Friday appearance at Long Bridge Golf Course and a Saturday show at Route 66 Motorheads. Then the amazing Memphis-based Ghost Town Blues Band does double duty playtime with a Saturday night show at Danenberger Family Vineyard and an ICBC sponsored performance at the Alamo Monday evening.

That's a wrap for me, but there's plenty more where that came from in our Live Music listings.

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