This husband and wife combo of J.B. and Michelle Faires keeps the sounds fresh and energetic, pulling from the folk/Americana/pop vein while concentrating on familiar songs not often covered by other acts. J.B., a lifelong musician and music educator, brings his professional experience to the duo as Michelle adds a sweet singing voice, plus her business and artistic history, to fill out the mix. The couple had been married for 20 years before a family tragedy in 2016 brought them together to play music as a healing process. They worked up several hours of music and played plenty out in Northern California and Oregon, honing the duo combination before settling back in central Illinois. While doing songs by a range of artists such as Gillian Welch, Bob Dylan, The Wood Brothers, Fiona Apple, Cake, Tom Petty, Prince, The Beatles and John Prine, the sweet harmonies and familial playing has recently led to adding original songs into the setlist, with plans to record and release a full EP in early 2020.

Fairly Odd Duo
Saturday, Oct. 12, 9 p.m.
The Alibi, Rochester
Sunday, Oct.13, 2 p.m.
Sheedy Shores Winery

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