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A performing songwriter since 2006, Ezra Furman hangs out in the indie-rock, folk-rock, original music land and calls Chicago home. With the Harpoons, the group delivers ferociously friendly sounding on-the-beat and in-your-face songs with sweet and sour lyrics balanced between personal experiences and existential dialogues with the universe as a conversational partner. Joining Ezra in song are Job Mukkada (bass, vocals), Adam Abrutyn (drums) and the latest Harpoon, former member of the Redwalls, Andrew Langer (guitar). Ezra is on the move for his 2013 U.S. Fall Tour, and after this show, works his way east and north all the way to New York, then heads back through the Midwest to the West Coast, to end up in Los Angeles on Nov. 22. Edward Burch, a recent Springfield transplant known for his work with Champaign’s Titanic Love Affair and the late Jay Bennett (of Wilco fame), plus journalistic contributions to various music magazines, makes his solo, capital city debut. Local singer-songwriters Tom Irwin and Larry Stevens also perform.

Ezra Furman and the Harpoons
Edward Burch
Tom Irwin

Larry Stevens
Thursday, Oct. 12, 7:30pm
Donnie’s Homespun

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