one should not feel regret
for the things not bought
at an estate sale after all I got
the presents for my grandkids’
joint birthday bash due that night
a fleet of bright little motorcycles
well-made 50c each and an artsy
dragon music box that played a
rather unmagical puff for only
three bucks but what I really
wanted was the worn pull toy
from the 30s a cheerful wooden
donald duck hammering on a
xylophone and honey bunch her
first visit to the farm prob 1910
but donald was 150 bucks and
honey bunch a measly $4.00
I at least should have bought
honey bunch but I thought I
had one of that series in my
huge collection of ancient books
for kids and who’s going to want
that collection anyway what will
anyone want with a set of worn
st nicholases and honey bunches

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