hey guys hows about some good news
here’s enos park on the humble near
north side we have a sculpture garden
across from susie q’s a pink and blue
tuxhorn behemoth swung our first
large statue into place and there’s the
west side christian church with its
scores of volunteers come to give
mcclernand school a face-lift surely
a spirit-lift too (it sure lifts mine all the
trees trimmed in my yard because I’m
surrounded by the school) and what
about third presby on n. seventh it’s
serving a meal free every thursday to
the community you don’t need to be
poor or homeless everyone is welcome
the pastor brent says it’s because folk
don’t walk to church any more they
seldom know their neighbors so this is
to meet them presby also has a well
stocked staffed attended kids’ library
while kumler methodist is fostering
garden plots in our vacant lots we also
have a bike doctor who’ll help you fix
your bike there is more yet going on
rehabbing houses habitat involved a
house rent free for our very own cop
a rehab store with doorknobs light
fixtures staircases saved from the
wrecking ball don’t forget the art ass’n
we need our bard lola to write another
book include marilyn steve bud andy
michelle bernie carol amaya sheila jack
can’t list all names of this group effort

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