With Kevin Wasmer (vocals, guitar) and Sam Ganci (drums) as the core of the band’s hard-hitting, melodic sound for several years, the recently recharged Enamel added Nick Beal (bass) and Tyler Landess (lead guitar, vocals) for a first show on Halloween after only five weeks of heavy-duty rehearsals. Nick and Sam are longtime members of Hush, an area Tool tribute band, while Kevin produced and recorded Tyler’s former metal band Dysfunctional Family in 2010, so when the time came for Enamel-ers Jason Ritter and Camron Yates to move on, the new guys seemed natural fits. Plans for 2016 include songs recorded live in the band’s private rehearsal studio to be released on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, with video versions on YouTube. Each single comes with an “ultra limited T-shirt” designed by local artists to uniquely fit the song subject. The band just copped a cool coup to open for national, touring rock group Wayland at the Castle Theater in Bloomington on Nov. 19 and continues to play local shows on a regular basis.

Los Injectors
The Seething Coast

Friday, Nov. 13, 10pm
Bar None

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