The Ministerial Alliance of Springfield and Vicinity has the right idea about marijuana – recreational use of the drug is not good for kids or communities. The organization has condemned the city council’s decision to allow legal marijuana sales in Springfield. But the good ministers should know by now that criminalizing marijuana use causes more harm than good. In fact, we can bet some of those same community leaders will be volunteering at this weekend’s Expungement and Sealing Summit sponsored by Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, attempting to help people with marijuana convictions from years ago to overcome the consequences of having a felony record, including inability to get a good job. Of course the Ministerial Alliance wants to protect the moral fabric of society and follow “the Biblical mandate to redeem a society from every devilish and destructive activity.” But, as demonstrated by experience with alcohol and gambling, making bad behavior illegal is a crude weapon against the devil. –Fletcher Farrar, editor and CEO

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