Editor's Note ReGeneration Fall 2022

Editor's Note

ReGeneration is the magazine for active and creative grownups, members of The ReGen generation. The ReGen is age 50- plus, yet this generation is not so much an age but a lifestyle. The ReGen includes people willing to try new adventures, to give back, to reinvent themselves and their community. They take their health and fitness seriously (see p. 5 and p. 21), and share their wisdom and experience with other generations (p. 16). For this publication we’re defining The ReGen as we go, with profiles of people making a difference (p. 6, p. 8, p. 14) and with ideas for travel close to home (p. 10).

We even found a book on the ReGeneration, which Cinda Klickna reviewed, p. 18. “ReGeneration is rich in ideas,” she writes. “Reunite your heart and mind, reimagine how you use money, reexamine the purpose of business and the role of people, reframe the questions asked, redesign with people and the future in mind.”

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Give us your ideas, and tell us whatyou think of ours. – Fletcher Farrar, editor

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